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I am a Visiting Scientist at MIT’s Parsons Lab, which is part of the Civil and Environmental engineering department, but my main position is Director of Seasonal Forecasting at AER [Atmospheric and Environmental Research]. I am currently working on the impacts of snow cover and sea ice variability on winter climate. I am also interested in accelerated Arctic warming and its influence on extreme mid-latitude weather and applying novel statistical techniques to subseasonal to seasonal prediction. I am also interested in decadal temperature trends and explaining those trends with large scale climate models. I received my Ph.D. from Columbia University and was also a post-doc at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
Snow Cover Model

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Research Papers

» Please click here for a downloadable list of papers I’ve published since 2002.


» Married to Sherri. | We have a daughter named Gabriella and twin sons, Jordan and Jonathon.
» Interests :: Weather Forecasting | Running | Skiing | Stock Market | Travel | Ultimate Frisbee
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